SEISEI – how did it all began?

I wanted to develop a method that will help every child learn to think differently and find his own unique way to move in the world. SEISEI – The name draws its inspiration from an expression in the field of Japanese agriculture, which means being in constant movement and growth. The team that joined me is comprised of individuals that are constantly searching, trying to refine their way of thought and invite every person they meet to become a part of this experience. Our central source of pride is our ability to nurture a series of complementary skills amongst children and teachers in order to develop creative thinking as a native language. The method includes 248 exercises, each one contains different layers of challenge and depth that were tested for years amongst a tremendous variety of populations, ages and positions.

Dr. Eyal Doron

About Us

Developing creative thinking, interpersonal skills and resourcefulness

About the founder and developer

The developer of the method, Dr. Eyal Doron, researcher of creative thinking and readiness for the new world, served as a consultant to the gifted and outstanding children division in the ministry of education, leads the interdisciplinary division of Psychology and Humanities in the Psychology school at IDC Herzliya and the “Creativity in Action” program in the school for management training at IDC Herzliya.

The goal of the SEISEI method

Developing creative thinking & resourcefulness amongst adults, children and teens is essential for coping with the dynamic and complex world of the 21st century. The SEISEI method is based on empiric research and was tested successfully among thousands of children and teens from various populations all over the country.

Why this method works

The method creates a continuous consciousness change. The educational sequence, that is to say a small amount of daily practice and experiential introspection, leads to internalization and shapes our perception of ourselves and the world. The educational sequence occurs in every encounter with others and in every encounter with myself.

Why do I need it?

SEISEI teaches practical and relevant tools for solving problems in every area of life. The study material is not purely inspirational- the inspiration serves the solving of the problem, strengthens the pupil and helps him persevere.

The essence of the change

Learning the SEISEI method changes the pupil, his atmosphere and his attitude towards life. The method nurtures one’s internal motivation, ignites his curiosity on the daily level and makes him proactive: an individual that is aware of his surroundings, creates links and connections from everything around him and makes the most out of every opportunity.

What is creativity according to the SEISEI method?

Creativity is a “muscle” that can be developed , a world view that one can learn and practice in order to achieve creative thinking as a native language. SEISEI sees creativity as a holistic and multi-dimensional life view.


What are we capable of doing?


Many years of training teachers, workshops and giving central tools in providing creative thinking abilities amongst the students, teachers and management staff.

Hi-tech activities

Creative thinking camps which are pedagogically adapted to the values of companies and organizations. Building, managing and producing activities for employees’ children during vacations. You define the need and we will do the rest.

Activities during vacations

Summer camp, Passover camp, day camps and creative thinking activity meetings which are held for children from the 1st-8th grade in: Ha-Kfar Ha-Yarok, Tel Aviv and other locations throughout the country.

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