Dr. Eyal Doron

Dr. Doron focuses on motivating and inspiring corporate employees to adjust to the accelerating and changing world of the 21st century. He guides corporate managers, entrepreneurs and leaders in the process of building professional platforms that engage and ignite new ideas.  


His holistic approach which combines various different disciplines such as Philosophy, Psychology and behavioral Science allows for a much wider perspective while providing a practical methodology for creative thinking. This approach encourages people to react and interact with the exponential changes happening around us, and helps them achieve peak performances during uncertain periods.


Doron works with top industries in Israel and abroad including: Coca-Cola, HP, Amdocs, Unilever, Bank Leumi, Bank Hapoalim, Elbit Systems and Israeli Government Security Branches.

Academic Background and recent projects

His research focuses on the development of creative thinking models for children and youth across the country. 

He is currently a lecturer at the IDC (Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya) in the School of Psychology and the school of Communication. In October 2015, will serve as the head of a new program "Creativity in action" in the IDC. 

Dr. Doron serves as a head-consultant with the Israeli government’s division of gifted and outstanding students. He works with school managers, teachers and students.

In the past two years he has led special workshops and marathons with gifted students throughout Israel trying to creatively solve major problems in Israeli society. In September 2014, he led all gifted students in the country (grade 11) in trying to solve the Israeli brain drain problem. In April 2015, he gathered gifted students (grade 10) for an intense one week marathon to try and solve the Sudanese asylum seekers problem in South Tel Aviv.

His Book

In 2014 Dr. Doron published his first book: “Life is an amusement park” (Keter Publishing), which examines the question of self-realization in the 21st century. In his book he offers a new perspective on happiness. Whereas, before only great minds and famous people were allowed to partake in the process of self-realization, today the 21st century has allowed ‘ordinary people’ regardless of position and stature to realize themselves. 


SeiSei currently works with over 12,000 children all over Israel in a variety of programs, ranging from integration as part of school's curriculums to after-school activities and summer programs.

SeiSei’s approach includes a series of inspirational exercises. 

The principles are:   

1. Creative Thinking

2. Accessing the Individual’s Resourcefulness and Being an Initiator

3. Co-operation with Others      

4. Enhancement of Self-Esteem     

5. Solving everyday challenges

The method was empirically proved during Dr. Doron’s post-doc studies in which he conducted a series of short term interventions that were meant to enhance kids’ and adolescents’ creativity. Based on his technique the company SeiSei was established. Today, the company works with children from first grade to twelfth grade from various socio-economic status, religious status, secular, the Druze society, and many other communities in Israel.

Special indoor and outdoor activities of the last Seisei camp

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